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At Midland Computers Telford we bring a personal touch to the all too often faceless world of IT. The computer industry is always changing, and can seem like a minefield even for tech-savvy users. We often hear that shopping online or visiting large retail park stores doesn’t make matters any clearer; the choice of products may be too limited or too overwhelming, and they may not have the right expertise and understanding of what you need to help you make the right purchase.

There is always someone here to help in our walk in Showroom or on our online Live Chat, and with over 20 years of experience and our extensive IT knowledge, we can confidently provide guidance on the best solution for what you would like to achieve.

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8:30am - 5:30pm - Mon- Fri
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A Selection of what we offer

Custom Built PC's

  • Home Computers
  • Business Computers
  • Gaming / VR Computers
  • CAD Computers

Laptop and Desktop Repairs

  • Virus Removal Service
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Operating System Issues
  • Data Transfer

Fully Stocked Computer Shop

  • Laptop and Tablets
  • PC Components
  • Monitors
  • Peripherals

What our customers say

Having spent the last 17 years cruising the skies on MS Flight Simulator 2004, I chose to invest in a new high spec gaming PC for the new MS FS2020.

My trip to the 2019 Flight Simulator exhibition at Cosford paved the way to an introduction to Midland Computing and their flight simulation expertise. Advised to wait a year for the new MS FS2020 release was invaluable and lead me to return to Midland Computers for their expert advice for a very specific high spec new gaming PC with a 3 screen set up and comprehensive Saitek and Honeycomb accessories.

A superb new set up and fantastic way to enjoy touring the world without the bother or cost of leaving the home. As with any new software app, MS2020 see regular updates and the issues that prevail, Midland have been there for me every time an issue arises and adds consistent ongoing after sales value. If you are a flight simmer, these people are for you.